We are a company with your best interests at heart. We realise that most people do not have a lot of financial education and so we tend to all muddle along and make lots of mistakes. We may not even realise that we are making poor financial decisions as we are not aware of the alternatives. We want to address this by making sure that everyone has a chance to make much better financial decisions. We have therefore put together a series of informative articles to help with this. We hope that they are simple enough for everyone to understand and that they will encourage to examine what you are doing with your finances and think about whether you should change. We also hope that it will increase your confidence so that when you need to make financial decisions. You will hopefully have a better understanding of your options and the consequences of the different decisions that you are making which should help you to make better ones. We also hope that by getting a little knowledge here you will be encouraged to read on further and find out lots of other things which should help you to improve your financial situation even more.